Azumanga Daioh Character Matrix

Ep.S Character Note
01.2 Comforts Chihiro after humiliation of being helped by Chiyo.
03.2 Declines to ask Yukari something.
01.1 Receives her very own black round name tag.
01.2 Is helped with studies by Chiyo. Comforted by BHG.
07.1 Proposes a cafe for cultfest.
07.3 Distributes clip-on ears.
16.3 Performs a combined power routine to announce penguin costume they made with Kaorin.
16.5 Puts an ad sign on Chiyo's belly.
01.2 Coaches Chihiro in studies.
01.2 Eats lunch made by herself.
01.2 Makes a string bridge from Yomi's cat's craddle.
01.2 Forgets homework, gets slapped lightly.
01.3 Collects career choice surveys, is scared of Sakaki at first.
02.2 Tosses ball with Osaka. Hit each other repeatedly.
05.2 Loses at rock-paper-scissors and rides in Yukari-mobile.
07.2 Rides Mr. Tadakichi.
07.3 Wears the normal-sized mascot costume, scares Yomi and Kaorin.
07.5 Confuses Mr. Tadakichi with mascot costume.
09.1 Wears a giant cat costume which she won.
09.2 Is 11 year old. Asks Sakaki to stop taking her growth.
09.4 Is a fan of Kyojins.
09.5 Walks Mr. Tadakichi with Sakaki, Tomo, Yomi, Osaka.
10.1 Jumps and thanks Yukari for being her homeroom teacher again.
11.2 Gets bonked on the head by a softball ball, knocked out.
16.1 Is insulted by Tomo's show, undoes her pigtails.
16.2 Exibits (or attmpts to) a leadership during the pre-festival crunch.
16.3 Is nervous before the opening, but changes her thinking and does aerobics.
16.5 Is seen eating tokoyaki by the festival visitors.
16.5 Prefers to eat taiyaki from the head.
16.5 Claims to like high school because it has culture festivals.
20.1 Has a deja vu about forgetting "something important".
20.3 Plans to study abroad in America after the high school.
20.4 Reports parents supporting the study abroad and widening her horizons.
20.4 Her favourite food is meatballs.
25.1 Suggests Osaka a job of a teacher.
25.3 Teaches Osaka to break chopsticks apart.
25.3 Presents everyone with charms he made.
25.4 Passes Sakaki a piece of cake.
25.4 Appears to Osaka, tells her that his daughter is going to America.
06.5 Cries over her class losing in the sport festival.
10.2 Tries to talk to Sakaki "properly".
11.1 Helps a foreigner to carry luggage.
11.1 Relays the misfortune with helping foreigners to Sakaki.
11.2 Fails to name any flowers, thinks Sakaki competes with her.
11.2 Challenges Sakaki in lunch-eating contest.
16.1 Comes with combining cafe and haunted house independently from Tomo.
16.2 Remembers the 1st year cute animal theme which she saw from outside.
16.2 Helping with the swim team during the crunch, according to Yomi.
16.3 Practices to bring iced tea over quickly after Tomo, falls.
16.4 Is 156cm tall.
25.5 Passes preferred school exam.
01.3 Bites Sakaki's left hand.
01.3 Bites Sakaki's left hand again.
01.2 Invites Chiyo to eat lunch together.
01.3 Almost invites Sakaki to Astronomy club.
01.3 Sees Sakaki's panties with a print of a kitten.
05.5 Sees a picture of Tomo sleeping with Sakaki, loses daylight.
06.3 Pairs with Sakaki for 3-legged race.
06.5 Dances with Sakaki, then with Kimura.
07.1 Asks who put in the stuffed animal exhibition suggestion.
07.2 Takes an outline of Osaka for costume purposes.
09.1 Offers Sakaki to look at pictures of her kittens.
10.1 Tears off petals over getting the same class with Sakaki.
16.2 Offers help to Sakaki (with design).
16.2 Roughs hair, pretends Sakaki saying "Buushi" (hat).
16.3 Performs a combined power routine to announce penguin costume they made with Chihiro.
16.5 Has no hat (despite Kimura being caught by Kagura).
16.5 May be happy to have the same Neko-koneko hat as Sakaki.
20.5 Asks Kimura not to call her "Kaorin".
20.5 Gives directions to Kimura's wife and resolves to find Kimura's good points.
04.1 Tells he became a teacher because he liked high school girls.
04.2 Wears a striped one piece swimsuit.
04.4 Collects trash from under a tree in a park.
04.4 Gives Y10,000 to charity, gets thanked for "constant support".
06.1 Draws pictures of girls tucking shirts into panties on blackboard.
07.1 Attempts to make a costume suggestion.
07.3 Wonders why Swim Team are not wearing swimsuits at festival stand.
07.3 Requests a glass of pool water.
10.1 Offers Kaorin a flower and asks to be together.
16.4 Ignores the guy waiter, itercepts Kagura to take his order.
16.4 Requests to borrow a Dad hat, "advertises".
20.5 Offers Kaorin to call him "Kimurin".
20.5 Nominates Kaorin for class representative.
20.5 Writes Kaorin's name without "-n".
20.4 Appears for a cameo (see also ep.5)
15.3 Rams a pillar while chasing a can.
15.3 Describes how fashion goes around in circles.
03.1 Gives Chiyo a special order uniform swimsuit.
03.2 Interrupts Yukari's bullying basketball session.
03.3 Owns a squishy contour pillow from Denmark.
03.3 Has an uncle called Yamazaki-sama.
03.5 Drinks with Yukari, teaches Yukari to hold chopsticks, carries Yukari.
07.3 Asks Yukari if she remembers their own cultfests.
16.4 Thinks that the homeroom teacher is the only one with warped personality in Yukair's class.
25.5 Remembers about Kagura's exam dates.
07.1 Proposes a haunted house for cultfest.
26.2 Has name revealed as Masaki.
01.5 Introduces herself in Standard Japanese.
01.5 Uses Kansai when teased by Tomo.
01.5 Says "Shikari.. shikari..." and spaces out in class.
01.5 Displeased with her nickname, Tomo's manner, or universal acceptance of it.
02.1 Awaits and misses a traffic light.
02.1 Sees Chiyo, makes parallels with a neighbourhood brat.
02.1 Washes hands, gets soap to jump, loses a kerchief into sink.
02.1 Watches dust in her eyes.
02.2 Races Chiyo, loses.
02.2 Tosses ball with Chiyo. Hit each other repeatedly.
02.3 Splits chopsticks evenly.
02.3 Gets hiccups.
02.5 Classifies snails away from insects. Jokes about Bean Knowledge.
02.5 Makes observations #1, 2, 3 about Chiyo's pigtails (in a dream).
04.1 Classifies Sakaki as Amerian and Yomi as Hawaiian on the basis of their bust sizes.
04.2 Is inflexible.
04.3 Invents "nekokaki", "yomikaki".
05.2 Talks to a deaf keeper of chestnut stand.
05.3 Talks to Sakaki about hemorroids (za - ja) and seals.
05.4 Tells a scary story with herself on a murder spree.
05.4 Notes that Nyamo is popular with guys.
05.4 Tries to blow up Chiyo with a firework, blows up herself.
06.1 Throws her shoe up to predict the weather, it lands on a passing truck.
09.2 Supposes that Sakaki takes Chiyo's growth.
09.4 Proposes complicated names for Mompuchi.
09.4 Presents Chiyo with a big Chiyo-chich doll.
10.1 Wants to be in the same class with Chiyo and others.
10.1 Thinks that it would be great if Yukari were homeroom teacher again.
10.2 Unable to find Kasuga Ayumu in the class list.
16.1 Suggests a Nurikabe costume for Chiyo.
16.2 Moves a box with Kamineko doll up and down repeatedly.
16.2 Attempts to move back hands on a clock.
16.5 Eats tokoyaki (octopus cakes) with Chiyo.
16.5 Claims to be able to be happy year around only by looking forward to the next culture festival.
20.1 Finds mounting stairs to the 3rd floor too hard.
20.3 Asks what cops write in their notebooks.
20.3 Develops on the idea of Chiyo getting killed abroad.
20.4 Imagines the Chiyo-chan Country populated by miniature Chiyos.
25.1 Wins Tomo's quiz dry.
25.1 Purposefuly takes Chiyo-chichi plushie and falls alseep under kotatsu at Chiyo's.
25.2 Donates a chosen Y10 coin.
25.2 Forgets herself while yanking the bell rope.
25.3 Invents a chopsticks charm.
25.3 Gets angry when Tomo does not listen how to break chopsticks.
25.4 Sees Chiyo-chichi with "allo Everynyan", "my daughter going to America".
25.5 Fails backup exam. Asks Sakaki about beetles.
25.5 Asks Chiyo to recharge her charm as well. Passes.
01.3 Selects careers of Veterinarian, Florist, Stuffed Animal Shop Owner.
01.3 Misses out on invitation to Astronomy club by Kaorin.
01.4 Blushes, but wins 100m dash from Tomo.
02.2 Scores in a Volleyball game.
02.4 Suggests cultured remedies for Osaka's hiccups.
04.2 Aligns her kitty towel next to Chiyo's Neko-koneko towel.
04.3 Saves Chiyo from drowning in the pool.
05.1 Licks a bitten finger.
05.3 Imagines herself riding a dolphin.
06.3 Wins over Kagura in 400m and relay.
07.1 Fails at drawing a fluffy animal.
07.2 Meets Mr. Tadakichi, pets him for a long time.
07.3 Reseats a stuffed animal.
07.3 Explains which of her handmade stuffies is a dog and a cat.
07.3 Reluctantly sells the supposed dog.
07.3 Gets her picture taken with mascot (apparently Kimura).
09.1 Cries after the movie where kitten finds home.
09.1 Goes to take pictures of cats (after seeing Kaorin's).
09.1 Meets Chiyo in giant cat costume, carries the costume.
09.2 Imagines ribbons after hearing from Chiyo.
09.3 Shops for birthday presents, gets a book swiped.
09.3 Has a toy kitty broken from a mere approach.
09.3 Sees a rabbit backpack.
09.3 Wins two stuffed kittens in a crane game.
09.4 Pets Mr. Tadakichi at Chiyo-chan's birthday.
09.4 Presents Chiyo with one of the won stuffed kittens.
09.4 Suggests "Mompuchi".
09.4 Imagines Chiyo-chichi playing basball.
09.5 Imagines walking in clouds. Imagines Chiyo catching her.
10.2 Does not remember Kagura.
11.2 Recognizes various flowers.
11.3 Aghast at Kagura embellishing Neko-Koneko with scar and eyepatch.
11.3 Is attacked by the grey cat, saved by Kagura.
11.4 Daydreams at home about (whispering to) cats.
11.4 Rushes to the cat alley, gets roughed up.
11.5 Gets bitten yet pets the grey cat.
11.5 Hides won plushies from Kaorin.
16.2 Designs the hat, uses Chiyo-dad after Tomo stole Neko-koneko.
16.2 Offers background for Tomo's battle.
16.2 Brings Chiyo-dad to mediate the battle.
16.4 Is 174cm tall.
16.5 Attempts to straighten the empty penguin suit, places Neko-without-koneko on its head.
17.2 Hits Yukari in dodgeball.
17.4 Imagines Chiyo-chichi as Santa.
20.3 Imagines a bullet-proof Chiyo-chichi flying to the rescue of Chiyo.
25.4 Unable to move because of sleeping Maya in her lap.
25.5 Passes exam to veterinary school.
01.4 Stands in hallway with buckets.
01.4 Challenges Chiyo, ends with a "draw" (0-0).
01.4 Buys bread for Chihiro and Yomi in record time, but is not timed.
01.4 Challenges Sakaki for 100m dash, ends "semi-victorious".
01.4 Jokes about Sakaki breasts, makes Sakaki to start behind (in vain).
01.5 Expects Osaka to be her rival.
01.5 Asks Yomi for Tsukkomi (comedy act).
01.5 Accuses Osaka of being phony.
01.5 Christens Osaka.
02.1 Kills a cockroach.
02.2 Hits Chiyo with Volleyball.
03.1 Tells a Terrifying Moldy Bread story about Yomi.
03.4 Wants to sing loudly in the street, sees Yukari and Nyamo brawling, thinks better.
04.1 Asks Kimura why he became a teacher.
05.2 Tries to run after pressing intercom button on Mihama's house.
06.4 Loses hold of Chiyo at acrobatic doubles.
07.1 Forgets how to write "kissaten".
07.1 Puts 5 yen into suggestion box.
07.1 Picks 5 yen that fell out of suggestion box.
07.3 Runs around the school in animal costume.
07.4 Leads the victory parade in mascot costume.
09.4 Presents Chiyo with goofy presents (feelings and the magic wand).
09.4 Teases Chiyo by predicting Hanshins' victory.
11.1 Does not know what I.T. stands for.
11.3 Is excited that her breasts grew by 3 cm.
15.3 Asks Mrs.Kimura why she married Kimura.
16.1 Thinks with Yomi that Chiyo in Nurikabe costume may be cute.
16.1 Develops on Yomi's idea and proposes Chiyo-chan Show. Mocks Chiyo.
16.2 Enacts the battle for Earth between Neko-koneko and Kamineko.
16.3 Practices to bring coffee over quickly.
16.3 Refuses to be "tricked" by Chiyo cuteness in the costume.
16.5 Offers Chiyo a toast with leftover juice.
17.4 Addresses Yomi as "Yomi-kun" after the realistic present debacle.
20.1 Cuts hair and mentions how springtime fairies are staggered.
20.1 Had long hair like Fujiko-chan, now has short one like Ayu.
20.3 Plans to join ICPO.
20.3 Predicts Chiyo to get killed in America.
20.4 Her favourite food is bananas.
20.4 Claims to be a good student to Miruchi and Yuka-chan.
25.1 Quizzes girls with "fruit of the summer", etc.
25.2 Pulls "Kyo" (bad fortune slip).
25.5 Fails first exam.
25.5 Asks Chiyo to recharge the charm. Passes.
02.3 Feeds Osaka Claw Pepers (spicy).
04.2 Is good at stretches.
07.4 Feels sad from thinking that the festival ends.
09.2 Rescues Sakaki by distracting Chiyo with a question about party.
09.4 Presents Chiyo with a book.
10.2 Notices "Osaka" in the class list.
11.1 Does not know what I.T. stands for.
11.3 Skips breakfast before a weight-in.
16.1 Warns Tomo against putting any Y5 coins into suggestion box.
16.1 Thinks with Tomo that Chiyo in Nurikabe costume may be cute.
16.1 Suggests doing something which sets the class apart from other classes.
16.1 Mentions Chiyo as something which other classes do not have.
16.2 Mentions Kagura helping with the swim team during the crunch.
16.5 Prevents Tomo from running after Kimura, gives the first break to Chiyo and Osaka.
17.5 Sings karaoke.
20.1 Discounts Tomo's boyfriend as impossible.
25.2 Parts with a Y500 coin at temple.
25.2 Remarks that it's too late to do anything with Tomo's Kyo.
25.4 Remarks how sugar is good for the brain.
25.5 Fails two exams.
20.4 Appears for a cameo (see also ep.5)
01.1 Pedals late, jacks a bike from a student.
01.1 Boasts figure measurements in class 4 by mistake.
01.5 Makes Osaka to introduce herself in Kansai dialect.
03.1 Introduces "Nyamo" with Chiyo present.
03.1 Blackmails Nyamo with a mention of a love letter.
03.2 Takes girls to gym to "play basketball". Teases Chiyo with ball.
03.2 Makes a bomb Coke for Nyamo, ends wet herself.
03.3 Sleeps in Nyamo's bed (without Nyamo).
03.3 Accuses Nyamo of being "indecisive" and thus failing to get a guy.
03.4 Says that gym teachers are stupid to a foreigner.
03.4 Mentions "commemoration photo in front of Takeda-sensei".
03.5 Gets really drunk, folds under the table.
05.1 Draws the pie chart with "Free Time" and "Sleep".
05.1 Swims in pool on blow-up shark and yells UNBERIVABLE.
06.2 Tries to feed Kagura before the action.
07.1 Fails to come with an alternative to haunted house and cafe.
07.3 Does not remember her own cultfest.
07.4 Does not remember what her students did one year prior.
07.4 Proposes to burn all stuffed animals.
10.1 Helps Kaorin with tearing off petals.
10.3 Asks everyone to keep their seating.
11.1 Does not speak German, runs away.
16.1 Rescinds from suggesting a theme for the culture festival.
16.3 Pushes Chiyo in costume to fall.
16.4 Brags in front of Nyamo for her class' cuteness.
17.2 Is late for class and running.
17.2 Puts a ball into own goal.
20.2 Crashes presentation for Nyamo's birthday.
25.1 Takes a suggestion of Osaka as a teacher personally.
25.5 Doesn't remember Kagura's exam dates.

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